Product Plan/Business Case

We are working in Tokyo area.

The facilitation and coaching
seminar and

in Japanese

Emma Matsumoto (Ms.)

On Purpose Coaching

Executive Summary

A.        Description:

  On Purpose Coaching has been selling training seminars focused on communication, coaching and facilitation such as Business etiquette and leadership development skills.  On Purpose Coaching can provide the total solution for assisting Japanese business people and Japanese organizations.

Our clients are Hitachi K.K., Societe Generale, Tokyo Welfare Center, JICE and Japan Railways.etc.

B.        Priority:
Providing training to use graphic tools to educate the market is most important, The actual case studies from the US users are desired.  In addition, If you desired,  former Grove trainer Ms. Christina Merkley could provide you reference about me.  I have just finished private one to one sessions with her about the Graphic facilitation in Canada.

       C.                Customer or Product Source:

Japanese people are very careful due to their culture.   Compared to other Western countries like the US, Japanese regulations and customs always require additional qualifications/titles.  For example, when a coach started to ask coaching others as clients, recognition of a qualifications/title (credentials) which is recognized by the third party is important.  Oracle has a special training section only in Japan, because the Japanese are relying on qualification/titles.

 Meanwhile, the Japanese are good at visualization. We have the Manga (Cartoon) culture. One out of two family household has a FAX machine in Japan. The Japanese have a tendency to use pictures and marks.

We think the risk of lack of verbal communication is obvious. The Japanese are seeking the next tool how to convey their thoughts, and how to communicate with others.


D.         Competitive Position:

There is no product for the users.  Only one publishing book eFacilitation Graphicf by Koichi Hori, who is a founder of Japan Facilitation Associates.

I am a member of this association. Over 80% of these members are business workers.

Tony Buzanfs Mind Map is the most successful sector in Japan.

E.         Business Rationale:

1.   Product evolution and life cycle objectives.

In Japan, Coaching is offered and recognized by individual sectorfs qualifications/titles. Due to the policy of the Japanese Facilitation Association, they donft offer any qualification/title in Japan. Nor does the facilitation have a specific 3rd party which provides any qualification/title. At the same time, it is a little bit difficult to let the Japanese enhance their meeting skills by themselves.

As Professor Edward de Bono wrote about the Japanese meeting style as ethe white hat, we donft like to debate in front of other people.

Most Japanese training tools companies are importers and they do not have good technical skills and they are only focused on sales.  In other words, these companies have a focus on gaining  as many qualification/titles they could, rather than take a responsible for one concept product.

Traditionally, they tend to make sales efforts in the first 3 years when they introduce a new skill, and then, they drop the sales effort afterwards, and start selling another new skill. This is because Japanese companyfs HR and training distributors have a business custom to purchase a large volume when a new skill is introduced.  

On Purpose Coaching has a different approach and we focus on providing training for the trainers who can use the Grove tools, marketing each product and maintaining high sales volume for every product we handle.  As a result, On Purpose Coaching is successful in satisfying our customers.

2.       Target market segment, regional limitation and special conditions

Our target market segment is business people in Japan.  The best channel to approach them is to provide seminars and train the trainers through coaching and the Facilitation Association in Japan. On Purpose Coaching has established business relationships with these associations, who are the No. 1 and 2 NGOs in Japan

                     Market segmentation and support

On Purpose Coaching strongly believes it is the best time to introduce Facilitation tools to Japan. Based on our experience doing  business in Japan, Japanese characters or Japanese special systems are sometimes causing communication problems since the cultural base is different from the English environment.   We would like to discuss how to handle unexpected troubles that occur in Japan. And I would like to talk with you in order to gain proper understanding for each material.

Also, we would like to use the graphic facilitationi resources on information and delivering to our customers and it will be helpful to discuss how to handle copyrights and the use of information.