12/25/2007 merry christmas and a happy new year!!!
2007 is one of the most exciting years to me. thanks a lot!!!

julie london
"for the night people'"
12/10/2007 favorite cds gone...
i lent good cds to friends, and some of them have kept them(i believe), so i have to buy the same ones over again when i want to listen to them. some cds get returned to me. that's why i have 3 of weezer "blue album", 2 of bill evans "portrait in jazz". btw i'm going to the village vanguard in NY next month!

bill evans trio
"sunday at the village vanguard"
12/07/2007 myspace johndickheadhunter3 uploaded
rearranged songs and profile on myspace. check it out!

beat happening "
12/06/2007 youtube
why don't you youtube "love love straw"?

the jonesses
"the jonesses"
11/27/2007 johndickheadhunter3 will play...
@heaven's door, sangenjaya on 01/13/2008. i'm looking forward to seeing you!
bty johndickheadhunter1(brown'nose no.1) made this site. check it out!!
myspace brownnose

sony clark
"cool struttin'"
11/25/2007 jdh3 recording camp day2
we played together for the first time in 6 months. we recorded some songs with our new hdr. i hope you will be able to listen to them soon!!!

blossom dearie
"whisper for you"
11/24/2007 jdh3 recording camp day1
had a wonderful time with jdh1 and his family, including a dog and a cat. i love this place very much!

mad bunny
11/23/2007 love love straw oneman live@zher the zoo, yoyogi!!!
the night was one of the happiest. we played 20 songs in 2 hours. i hope all of you also had a great time. anyway thank you for everything:-D

edison lighthouse
"love grows"
11/17/2007 lls rehearsal @yoyogi
we often enjoy yakiniku after rehearsals or before gigs. i don't know why....

11/14/2007 love love straw one-man live
"up the down escalator vol.1"
11/23/2007@zher the zoo, yoyogi

joy division
"unknown pleasures"
11/08/2007 got my darts!
went to the darts bar for the 2nd party. finally i was able to get a score over 500 points, so the bar presented me my own darts. very happy!

public image ltd "second edition
11/04/2007 heater
stayed at home coz it was cold outside. i rearranged the furniture coz the heater needed to be in the living room. i feel more comfortable.

stan getz
"the complete roost session vol1&2"
10/28/2007 it was a hard day's night
thank you very much for listnening to us. we had a great time with bacon, scarlet, anchor-edge and all of you. i especially appreciated yusuke(anchor-edge) for doing our rehearsal in my place!!! i wish i could have had more time to talk with you. anyway see you on 11/23/2007 @zher the zoo, yoyogi!!!

curtis mayfield
"there's no place like america today"
10/20/2007 new glasses
she destroyed my old glasses, so i bought new ones.

ray bryant trio
"ray bryant trio"
10/14/2007 love love straw rehearsal @yoyogi
we practiced for 5 hours. after that we talked about our lls's future.

frank sinatra
"in the wee small hours"
10/13/2007 bbq in autumn
enjoyed bbq with family. not only the yakiniku(the beef, the pork), but also seafood, especially the sanma(saury) were very delicious.

herbie hancock
10/12/2007 party
had a party with my friends. when i got home, i found i had left my favorite parka somewhere.

"go go smear the poison ivy"
10/09/2007 recording @castle west studio
finished a new song "sonicrimson". don't be afraid to play it loud. i'd like to finish recording other 9 songs asap.

saint etienne
"the misadventures of saint etienne"
10/08/2007 recording @castle west studio
finished a new song "higurashi". don't be afraid to play it loud. i'd like to finish recording other 10 songs asap.

king crimson
10/07/2007 horses, goats, rabbits and a cat
went to a farm near mt. bandai. it's a good place to visit in fall. a mother goat and her baby goat were very cute. she also seemed to be happy to see them.

blossom dearie
"once upon a summertime"
10/03/2007 meptin air
went to the hospital to get "meptin air". it's a must in this season. i'm gonna try to use the new hdr equipment this weekend.

09/24/2007 in sendai
went shopping in sendai. i used to live there. i bought clothes, cds, books... i was very happy to see her drink up 100 % fruit juice. she loves it!

"calling the world"
09/23/2007 haircut
i had my hair cut. i have done so once a month for more than 10 years at the same shop. i love the shop very much.

ultra living
09/20/2007 french dishes
we enjoyed french dishes for lunch. the restaurant is in the wood in yunokami. there are many hot spas around there. we had a great time. i'd like to go there for dinner next time.

the litter
09/17/2007 respect for the aged day
i presented some clothes to my grandmother and great grandmother!!! they seemed very happy. btw it was very hot and humid in aizu as well...

the sonics
"here are the sonics"
09/15/2007 @castle west studio
i've just finished recording the basic tracks for 10 new songs. i might be able to finish them faster than i thought. good job!!!

"endless summer"
09/14/2007 i za ka ya
we had a party with my neighbors. i drank a lot pf sake. there are many good izakayas in aizu. kagota is one of my favorites.

sandy denny
09/05/2007 love love straw live
wild gun crazy presents『Dynamite Heven's Night 2007 final』
10/28/2007 @ Zher the Zoo YOYOGI
open/start 18:30/19:00
live act

love love straw will play at around 9:00 pm

ulrich schnauss
"far away trains passing by"
09/02/2007 the last day of summer vacation
i went to a big shopping mall. we bought a bag, some clothes and toys there. on our way back home, we dropped in at our favorite cafe(shozo).

pascal roge
"poulenc: piano works"
08/26/2007 demo recording started @castle west studio
i've just finished the basic tracks for three new songs. i'll record about ten more new songs and want to finish them within this year...

"the blow-up"
08/19/2007 @new studio in S city
jdh3 and jdh4 practiced some new songs with a rhythm box. the new studio looks like a "karaoke house".

gerry mulligan quartet
"gerry mulligan quartet"
08/18/2007 fireworks festival in S city
we watched a big fireworks festival while having bbq at home. our new bbq equipment was perfect!!!

gary mcfarland
"the in sound"
08/14/2007 obon #3
we enjoyed a lot of fireworks. it was exciting!

antonio carlos jobim
"stone flower"
08/13/2007 obon #2
we ate mochi(sticky rice) for dinner. i love zouni-mochi(mochi in the soy sauce-based soup) very much!!!

lilys "better can't make your life better"

08/12/2007 obon
i'm going to my hometown for obon, which means a welcome home festival to the dead from august 13 to 15 in japan. i wanna relax with my family.

paul mccartney
08/11/2007 on the beach
we went to iwaki. @aquamarine, we watched various kinds of fish! they are so beautiful! after that we went to the beach, but didn't swim. a lot of fun. i like these summer days.

ned doheny
08/05/2007 love love straw@hall spiritual lounge in sapporo, japan
we had a great time with you, wedge soul, boys don't cry, stud muffin and esp. anju-san!!! i'd like to go to hokkaido in summer again! jdh3 or lls...both ok.

dinosaur jr. "live in the middle east"(dvd)
08/01/2007 august has come!
time flies like an arrow. i've just finished my homework. i'm very happy!!!

07/31/2007 about dronjo kept by 4
dronjo kept by 4=johndickheadhunter4. he is talented!

yoko minamino
"golden j-pop/the best"
07/30/2007 sound city studio in LA, USA
when i was listening to larry lee "marooned", i found it had been recorded @sound city studio in LA, USA. the studio reminds me of my crazy love love straw days. some years ago, we, lls, recorded and mixed some songs there with joe barresi, who is famous as an engineer of weezer "pinkerton". btw, weezer "pinkerton", nirvana "nevermind", ash "meltdown", etc... were also recorded there. i'd like to go there again!

larry lee "marooned"
07/29/2007 lls rehearsal @yoyogi
we, lls, will play some old songs @sapporo this weekend. (but in a sense, almost all of the songs are old ones...) anyway please look forward to them!

various artists "reich remixed"

07/26/2007 mp3 files
you can enjoy some mp3 files on works page. does it work well?

the beach boys
"love you"
07/11/2007 FAQ
recently i've been getting mails like this:
"how can i get jdh3 cds?"
sorry, they are not for sale. but i've been trying to improve hp or myspace. so you'll be able to listen to some of my songs from the sites soon. please wait!!!

art blakey quintet "a night at birdland with the art blakey quintet volume1&2"
07/10/2007 bad days?
some bad things occurred to me over the past few days. my car rubbed against the wall, my electric dictionary was broken and so on. but in other words, thanks to their sacrifice, i can live my life happily.

the sea and cake "everybody"
07/08/2007 lls rehearsal @yoyogi
we're lookig forward to the concert on 08/05/2007 @sapporo.

robert wyatt "shleep"
07/07/2007 no blues in the morning, please
when driving in the morning, old blues songs came from the radio. although they were good music, i didn't feel like listening to blues in the morning.

white plains "my baby loves lovin'"

07/01/2007 thank you for the mds!!!
i appreciate that some of you have sent me jdh3 1st gig's mds(05/03/2007@yoyogi). i just wanna say thank you!!!

fugazi "the argument"
06/24/2007 myspace

the johnny smith quintet "moonlight in vermont"
06/17/2007 happy birthday
we had a birthday eve party in koriyama. we enjoyed the course of the dishes. i was very surprised that at the end of the course, we had four different desserts. i'm full now.

paul desmond "easy living"
06/11/2007 lucky
finally i found my important lost cards. i was very happy.

chet baker "sings and plays"
06/10/2007 love to sleep
i was able to sleep in bed until 13:00 after a long time. but i still have aches on the neck, shoulder and back. i guess it's because of the live performance @ club quattro.

the bill evans trio "i will say goodbye"

06/09/2007 mall
we went to a shopping mall for a sale. on our way back home, we dropped by a ramen shop. we ate wantan-men there. it was very tasty. yummy yummy. bty, yamamoto masayuki is one of my favorite composers and singers!!!

time bokan(タイムボカン) "meikyoku no yube(名曲の夕べ)"
06/02/2007 under flower records 15th anniversary party!
we lls played 10 songs @club quattro, shibuya. we had a great time. we appreciate your support. anyway, love love straw's official web page is now open. please check it out!!!
love love straw official web site

agustin pereyra lucena "agustin pereyra lucena"
05/27/2007 love love straw rehearsal @yoyogi
it's hot just like summer. i don't like the air in tokyo. when i came back to my city, i fell at ease. fresh air is important to me.

laurindo almeida "guitar from ipanema"
05/26/2007 happy wedding in iwaki
happy wedding!!! the wedding ceremony was three hours long, but it didn't feel too long. i enjoyed my friends' singing, dancing and funny slideshows. besides that a lot of tasty dishes made me very happy. i love sushi bars.

kabusacki 7/8 "the flower + the radio"

05/20/2007 love love straw rehearsal
we discussed which songs we will play on 06/02/2007 and practiced for hours. i would like the show to be mellow and for the audience to sing along.

blue magic "blue magic"
05/19/2007 darts
i went to a darts bar with my friends. it was fun. if you get more than 500 points, you can get your own darts from the shop. i want my own darts.

carla bruni "no promises"
05/16/2007 decade
love love straw "decade" is on sale!!! anyway, i'm surprised to find this site :
who made this???

spearmint "a week away"

05/13/2007 mother's day
we went to the yakiniku shop near my apartment. i'm full.

ned doheny
"hard candy"
05/08/2007 love love straw news
1)love love straw will release new album "decade" on 05/16/2007
2)love love straw will play @club quattro, shibuya on 06/02/2007

more information about love love straw
under flower
all tomorrow's party

chet baker "chet"

05/05/2007 modigliani and picasso
i went to the koriyama city museum of art to see modigliani, picasso et leur epoque. i respect these artists.

keren ann "keren ann"
05/04/2007 the vivian girls
i went to hara museum to see henry darger: a story of girls at war - of paradises dreamed. i respect him.

donny hathaway "extension of a man"

05/03/2007 jdh3 1st live show
we johndickheadhunter3 had our first gig @zher the zoo, yoyogi with salt water taffy, swinging popsicle, plectrum. we had a great time with all of them. thanks a lot. by the way i missed recording the md. sad.

"slanted & enchanted: luxe & reduxe"
05/01/2007 a hiking day
we hiked up a mountain. we walked about 15km both ways. i had been ill before the hiking day. so it was too hard for me to go up. but it was very refreshing to hike while smelling and feeling the spring air.

vashti bunyan "lookaftering"
04/22/2007 jdh3 session camp #2
we arranged our songs in detail, especially focusing on the choruses. anyway, the route from aizu to haramachi is very complicated!!!

the bill evans trio "moon beams"
04/21/2007 jdh3 session camp #1
we rehearsed some songs, including new ones, for hours. our groove is getting better and better. at night we enjoyed talking and listening to various kinds of music while drinking sake from mie prefecture(very tasty!!!)

the shaggs "the shaggs"
04/15/2007 cherry
i enjoyed hanami (an outdoor party watching cherry trees in bloom). the castle surrounded by cherry blooms was very beautiful.

blissful "blissful"

04/05/2007 ★two shows!!!★
salt water taffy presents "how about some sweets? serial#5"
05/03/2007 @zher the zoo, yoyogi
w/ salt water taffy, swinging popsicle, plectrum

love love straw
under flower records 15th anniversary party!
06/02/2007 @club quattro, shibuya
w/ zeppet store, n.g.3, soft touch and more...

last days of april "might as well live"
04/01/2007 love love straw rec 2nd day
i sang and sang. finally we finished our recordings faster than we had expected. i would like to thank tanaka, iwata, hane, yusuke and love love straw. anyway today is april fool, but lls reunion is true. anyway i'm looking forward to dinosaur jr's new album!!!

dinosaur jr "bug"
03/31/2007 love love straw rec 1st day
we lls recorded for the first time in five years. we finished recording the basic tracks of 2 new songs.

teenage fanclub "bandwagonesque"

03/28/2007 @bardland
jdh3 and jdh4 practiced with a rhythm box for our live performance on 05/03/2007 @ zher the zoo, yoyogi. that's first experience for us, but we enjoyed a lot. we practiced two more new songs. cool.

yo la tengo "prisoners of love"
03/25/2007 @cafe in front of koriyama 3rd jhs
i had a tasty coffee and waffle.

the bird and the bee "the bird and the bee"
03/24/2007 sightseeing in matsushima
i enjoyed feeding snacks to seagulls on the deck of the sightseeing boat. they're so cute!!!

the five corners quintet "chaisin's the jazz going by"

03/21/2007 love love straw sessions
we arranged 2 new songs for recording. i realized love love straw had quite a unique groove. i'm looking forward to recording these.

blossom dearie "my new celebrity is you"
03/13/2007 graduation day
congratulations!!! i sang "what a wonderful world" with my favorite combi's merry. it supported me a lot. thanks!!!

marc johnson "the sound of summer running"
03/10/2007 hinamatsuri party
we had a hinamatsuri party at home. i could see some dolls made more than 100 years ago.

amos lee "amos lee"

03/04/2007 chill
i didn't go out. i stayed at home with my baby. i wanted to just chill.

a morr music compilation
"blue skied an' clear"
03/03/2007 wedding party
i would like to present my compilation cd to my friends. i presented the couple a wedding cd in congratulations for their big day. it starts with nat king cole "when i fall in love" and ends with gerry mulligan "night lights".

barry white
"all-time greatest hits"
02/25/2007 sushi
i watched "pixes live at the paradise in boston". it reminds me of my high school days. great. we had the most delicious sushi for dinner. great.

bill evans "you must believe in spring"
02/24/2007 soccer
i played soccer.

paul mauriat "love sounds collection vol.1&2"

02/12/2007 dolls
i went back home to tajima. we decorated dolls for girl's day (a national holiday held in japan on the 3rd of march). my baby looked very happy.

trammps "trammps"

02/10/2007 jdh3 3rd session in minamisoma city
we've had 3 sessions so far.
fun, fun, fun.

the brother kite "waiting for the time to be right"