06/01/2008 jdh3 live news
"total feedback"
(sat)06/21/2008, 18:30/19:00@ high, koenji
w/Hour Musik / maikotobranco / CAUCUS

e-mail me, please if you want a ticket.

btw would you check myspace when you want to know about our news?

melody gardot
"worrisome heart"
03/18/2008 love love straw news
why don't you youtube "love love straw"? you can enjoy some love love straw's pvs. thank you M-kun!!!
click here!!!

telefon tel aviv
"fahrenheit fair enough"
03/16/2008 johndickheadhunter3 live @club liner, kouenji
thank you very much for coming to our 3rd show. i hope you liked it. i was very happy to see masuzawa(telstar, the girlhunt)!!!

1 meptin
2 green tambourine girl
3 sonicrimson(new)
4 under the moonlight
5 give fuzz a chance
6 it's a beautiful sunday
7 see you again
8 gonna take a miracle
9 snow
10 into your dream(new)

03/08/2008 jdh3 rehearsal
we practiced for 6 hours. it was fun. we will play a few new songs on 03/16/2008 @club liner!

julian fane "special forces
01/16/2008 johndickheadhunter3 next live
sun 03/06/2008 @club liner, kouenji
w/ ocean, emperor tomato ketchup

if you want tickets, e-mail me please. we'll meet there!!!

hickory wind
"hickory wind"
01/13/2008 johndickheadhunter3 live @heaven's door
thank you very much for coming to our show. i hope you liked it. btw, you can see some of our live performances on youtube. please check them out!

roger nichols & the small circle of friends
"full circle"
01/07-08/2008 nyc day4-5
newark airport---narita airport

vashti bunyan "some things just stick in your mind
01/06/2008 nyc day3
the statue of liberty---moma(again!!!)---shopping---village vanguard

dr. michael white's original liberty jazz band(live@village vanguard)

01/05/2008 nyc day2
taking a walk through times square and central park---dakota house---american museum of natural history---moma

holler wild rose!
"our little hymnal"
01/04/2008 nyc day1
narita airport---newark airport---@luna lounge for the gigs of the brother kite and holler, wild rose!

coaltar of the deepers
"yukari telepath"