johndickheadhunter3 is not a band
johndickheadhunter3 is hitoshi nonaka(from LOVE LOVE STRAW), fukushima, japan

all songs written, composed, recorded, mixed and produced by johndickheadhunter3
all instruments performed by johndickheadhunter3

jdh3 exists as a non-commercial group. all of jdh3's cds and tapes are available on an honesty system: in return jdh3 hope you can donate something to a charity if you get any of jdh3's cds and tapes.

the johndickheadhunters are

™johndickheadhunter1(brown'nose no.1) c drums, chorus
™johndickheadhunter2(brown'nose no.2)
™johndickheadhunter4(dronjo kept by 4) c bass, chorus
™johndickheadhunter5 c keyboard, glockenspiel, percussions, chorus
™johndickheadhunter6(panda)c rhythm box
™johndickheadhunter7(from LOVE LOVE STRAW) c bass, chorus
™johndickheadhunter8(from LOVE LOVE STRAW) c drums
™johndickheadhunter9(from sugardrop) c bass, chorus, photos
™johndickheadhunter10(machidamachi) c staff
™johndickheadhunter11 c guitar, staff(overseas)
™johndickheadhunter14 c staff(overseas)
™johndickheadhunter18(from sugardrop, alicetales)cdrums, guitar, bass, chorus
™johndickheadhunter21c guitar, chorus
™johndickheadhunter33(from cruyff in the bedroom)cdrums, guitar
™johndickheadhunter48 c guitar, bass
™johndickheadhunter88(from taffy)cguitar, chorus

and more...!!!