Thank you very much for using our mail order service. Our company has been selling the gifts of Japan since it was established.

The Visitors who visit our company from the countries in the world amount to about 100000 people per year, including governmental important person, famous actors & actresses, singers and sports players .

We believe that we can be of any service to an international comity by selling Japanese gifts at reasonable price.

This time I manufactured the web site of a mail order for people all over the world.

By all means, please use this web site.

Kyoto Silk CO., LTD

Established 1949
Incorporation procedures 1965
Capital 25 million yen
Main Shop
: 11-47Entomi-cho, Shogoin, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto,606-8323 Japan
: (075)761-5331
: (075)761-5332
Representative director ; Kazumasa Kimura
1956 . January 18 . Birth.
1978 . Seijo University Graduation.
1978 . Entered Kyoto Silk CO., LTD .
1985 . Inaugurated as a representative director.
Principles of life : Live pleasantly every day
Special ability
and a hobby
:Sports(volleyball marathon) , dance ,
:To eat delicious foods, travel
map kyotosilkkyotosilkbld
*Keihan train
get off at Marutamachi-station
10minutes walk to the east

100m north of Heian shrine
100m east of Kumano shrine

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Kyoto Handicraft Center 4F, 21Entomi-cho, Shogoin, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
TEL:075-761-5331 / FAX:075-761-5332