Interstate'76 and I'76 NitroPack
Editing Tools Section

Interstate'76-'77 the Complete Asset Bible# 4th edition [Feb/23/2017]
It contains all of I'76/Nitro object codes (with images) which you need to add objects in your map, and also extra file codes/lists for world def. (4.51MB)

The Complete Asset Bible (7.18KB)
This is the original complete asset bible.

I'76-I'77 Mission Palette Files (23.1KB)
You have to OPEN one of palette files to create your own map with edit.exe.

MultiPlayer Mission Builder for classic I'76 (111KB)
As it says, the map editor for Interstate'76.
You can/must edit a palette file to make your map with this editor.

This editor is for NitroPack.

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