PEACE RUN 2011 Running Across America
In summer 2010 I tried running across Japan from the northenmost point Cape Soya to the southernmost point Hterumajima Island, pushing a baby stroller with a full-loaded backpack. I ran as far as 3,443 km(2140 miles) in 104 days.

I traveled around my country Japan on my bike, biked across North America twice (USA and Canada), crossed the Arctic Cicle in Alaska, biked around New Zealand and rode across Australia.

Now I'm sure that it's not enough. What I have seen so far is just a part of the world.

And people I have met on the way is also just a part of 6 billion population dwelling on the planet of EARTH.

Now is the time when we have to think of our environment globally...the world I have to see is on this planet EARTH...

Thinking that way, I cannot help doing something. I want to take a look at everything on this planet.

It is just 20 years since I did solo bike trek aross the USA in 1991. So I made up my mind to run across the continent on my own feet and legs.

This is an epic solo running journey without using any transportation, just moving across the United States 5,000km (3,100 miles) from the west to the east on my own two legs and feet.

Of course, neither support vehicles nor support crews are accompanied.

I'm going to run as far as 40 to 60 kilometers ( 25 to 37 miles) every day, and as fast as 7 to 8 kilometers (about 5 miles) per hour

Food and equipment are carried by a baby stroller. Basically I camp out and sleep in my tent.

As I did during running across Japan, I'd like to let people know what's going on around me as soon as possible through twitter or weblog.

On the way I plan to visit local elementary schools or junior high schools for cultural exchanges and I'd like to talk about WORLD PEACE with local people as often as possible. To create world peace, children who support the next era have to be in charge of the world.

And also, this is the environment-friendly travel without consuming any fossil fuels.

Although it is a personal action to reduce CO2(Carbon Dioxide), I would like as many people as possible to have much interest in this project.

Now I'm 50. I have just started my career as adventurer(adventure runner).

I do want to appeal fitness for people's mind and body through my "ADVENTURE RUNNING" as a new type of sport, which is aimed for moving our body and mind.

How far away can a man run...?

It is my mission to run to the limit and to run till the end of the world.

I will run as long as I live.

Running across America is just the beginning.

Whole world will be waiting for me...
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