It was on September 12, 2012 when I finished "PEACE RUN 2012 Running Across Japan" in Kagoshima, Kyushu Island.

About one year after then, The 2nd stage of "PEACE RUN Running 40,000km(25,000miles) Around the World on 5 Continents"will start.

The 1st stage "PEACE RUN Running Across America" has been already done.

The 2nd continent I have chosen is Oceania, Australia and New Zealand.

In Australia, I'll leave Perth and finish in Sydney. In New Zealand, I'll run from Auckland to Invercargill.

Both are the countries I traveled by bike in 1994 and 1995.

See "Biking Across New Zealand and Australia"

The longest stretch I have to cover is the Nullarbor Plain, where there's nothing but desert land.

There are some facilities called "ROAD HOUSE" every 100 -200km (60-120miles) between Norseman and Ceduna along the Eyre Highway.

Once I leave Norseman, I may have no chance to see towns in Nullarbor until I get to Ceduna after running 1,200km (800miles)

Only in roadhouse major services are available such as motel, restaurant, gas station, campground and grocery store

If I run 50km(31miles) per day, it takes 4 days to cover 200km(120miles) where there's no service.

It means I have to carry food and water that keep me alive for 4-5 days.

It depends on the climate but I may need 30-40 liter (8-11 gallon) water at most.

I have already experienced running in the hot desert in the US but it may be a little too tougher this time.

Total distance will be 8,000km (5,000 miles) in Australia and New Zealand.

I need at least 8 months to finish.

It is going to be a longer one.

Also I run for Japan and help support 3.11 Tsunami affected area in Tohoku.

The theme for this run is "Live Together Run Together."

I live and run with 7 billion people on the planet Earth.

My PEACE RUN still goes on and I will keep on running as a PEACE MESSENGER.

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